This course builds on the concepts Dr. Jayne presents in the Foundations Course.  

The Divine Intelligence Process is an online, self-paced class that contains over 4 hours of video lectures of Dr. Jayne's teachings, 7 downloadable audio meditations, and several specially designed writing exercises to propel the development of your Inner Creator. The videos are available 24/7, so you can experience the transformational power of this course according to your schedule. 

A new section (or "Dialogue") is unlocked each week to allow the teachings to permeate your consciousness. If you need support, we have a course forum where you will be given the opportunity to ask clarifying questions and receive support. Enroll now and start living from a place of authenticity and unlimited potential!

What if there was an unlimited amount of power within you?

At The Divine Intelligence Institute, we have studied the great spiritual masters and philosophers throughout history from the Vedas, Buddha, Plato, Jesus, Jung to today’s His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Our research into the spiritual evolution of the human race reveals a common theme — Unlimited Power lies within us.

Beyond the constraints of religion, Divine Intelligence aims to serve people seeking or craving a personal understanding of this “divine spark” within us. Spiritual enlightenment is about moving toward the Creator within you rather than a power or person outside of you.

Our contemporary Divine Intelligence Process combines ancient wisdom with neuroscience and quantum physics—blending science with spiritual truths confirming the existence of an
unlimited energy we can ALL activate.

The Divine Intelligence Process shows you how!

Combining science and spirituality, we aim to awaken the "Creator" within you.
The purpose of our Divine Intelligence Process is to shift your power source from someone sitting up in the sky on a cloud to sourcing from within. We want to awaken this Power, this Creative Force that is YOU.

We know you have this unlimited power in you capable of creating wealth, health and well-being in your life and in the lives of those around you. This course is about harnessing the Divine Intelligence in you to create a profound life for yourself. Now is the time to learn how to systematically and deliberately create just what you want.

Praise for the Divine Intelligence Process

"Completing the Divine Intelligence Process was a life-changing experience. With my new understanding of self and God, I am not living small anymore—it is a rebirth at 63!"
~ Betty Choi-Fung, MD, CCFP, Canada

"Procrastination has been a lifelong issue for me...By loving myself enough to go through the DI process, I found procrastination simply evaporated from my life completely effortlessly. In its place was an excitement and thrill to participate in my own life. I’m incredibly grateful.”
~ Jean V., Texas

"Dr. Jayne Gardner is a true pioneer in the science of spirituality. Her understanding of Gnostic teachings is thorough and wise. The Divine Intelligence Process is the handbook on Gnosticism for a New Era of spirituality, a must...for seekers who are ready to take their quest to the next level."
~ Kathleen McGowan, International best-selling author of The Expected One, The Mary Magdalene series, Ireland/California

"I have found the DI Process to be like a Divine safety net complete with Assembly Instructions and User’s Manual. I remain desirous of personal change...yet I came to the place of needing some guidance and help to eliminate some limiting beliefs...Dr. Jayne has created a process whereby I felt safe to explore and release and the feelings of resistance I had recognized became transmuted into the excitement of rebirth.
~ Kathy C., 

About the instructor


Jayne Gardner

Dr. Jayne Gardner, LPC is an emerging New Thought Leader specializing in Spiritual Psychology. She is founder of The Divine Intelligence Institute™ (formerly The Gardner Institute) and author of Divine Intelligence: A Scientific Process for Awakening the Creator Within (© March 20, 2017/Mindset Press). Through her institute and proprietary The Divine Intelligence Process, she helps individuals and groups accelerate their spiritual advancement. Dr. Jayne has found success comes when we focus internally and access the infinite source of creative energy within, an unseen force that binds the universe. Through her myriad testimonials, she has witnessed firsthand the amazing and profound power of what she terms “Awakening the Creator Within.” Dr. Jayne has dedicated the last quarter of a century of her professional life to the study of personal transformation. In 2008, she graduated from the University of Texas Dallas School of Management with a major in Executive and Professional Coaching. She has since taught as Adjunct Professor of Business and Professional Communication at Texas Christian University and worked as an Executive Coach at the University of Dallas. Thousands of lives have been positively impacted and transformed through her private counseling and coaching practice, and hundreds of clients have been inspired to become certified as Spiritual Life Coaches (formerly known as Mindset for Success) through her institute. Dr. Gardner holds a doctorate degree in psychology and counseling and state licensure as an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) and LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist). She has contributed articles to numerous magazines, professional journals, and media outlets including SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), Dallas Business Journal, and Science of Mind magazine. She has hosted her own radio show called Wired to Win (KRLD-AM/Dallas) and has appeared on CNN’s Business Unusual and on Good Morning Texas (ABC affiliate). Her authentic presence engages audiences quickly and leaves a lasting impact.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Dialogue 1: Remembering Your Original Voice

    • Note to Student

    • D1.V1. Introduction to Dialogue 1

    • D1.V2. Terms Used in the Divine Intelligence Process

    • D1.V3. Quantum Physics: The Observer Effect

    • D1.V4. Neuroscience

    • D1.V5. Supportive Research to Dialoguing

    • D1.V6. 8 Rules of Dialoguing from the Observer Viewpoint

    • D1.V7. What Do I Dialogue About?

    • Dialoguing Handout

    • D1.V8. Positive Anchor

    • Meditation - Positive Anchor

    • Positive Anchor Worksheet

    • D1.V9. Dialogue 1 Wrap-Up

    • Dialogue 1 Quiz

    • Dialogue 1 Checklist

  • 2

    Dialogue 2: Acknowledging Your Beliefs

    • D2.V1. Introduction to Dialogue 2

    • D2.V2. Neuroscience

    • D2.V3. Quantum Physics

    • D2.V4. Limiting Beliefs

    • Timeline of Negative Beliefs

    • Limiting Beliefs Exercise

    • D2.V5. Dialogue 2 Wrap-Up

    • Dialogue 2 Quiz

    • Dialogue 2 Checklist

  • 3

    Dialogue 3: The Conditioned Self

    • D3.V1. Introduction to Dialogue 3

    • D3.V2. Quantum Physics

    • D3.V3. Neuroscience

    • D3.V4. Your Conditioned Self

    • D3.V5. Conditioned Self Personality Assessment

    • Conditioned Self Personality Quiz

    • D3.V6. Making the Shift From Conditioned Self to Authentic Self

    • The Blue Sky Meditation

    • D3.V7. Dr. Gardner’s Story About the Conditioned Self

    • Conditioned Self Exercise

    • D3.V8. Dialogue 3 Wrap-Up

    • Dialogue 3 Quiz

    • Dialogue 3 Checklist

  • 4

    Dialogue 4: Preparing to Unveil Your Divinity

    • D4.V1. Introduction to Dialogue 4

    • D4.V2. Quantum Physics

    • D4.V3. Neuroscience

    • D4.V4. The Three Parts of the Brain

    • D4.V5. An Amygdala Hijack: Your Brain Out of Control

    • Emotional/Amygdala Hijack Exercise

    • D4.V6. The Different Power Levels of Emotions

    • Rejoicing in Infinite Space Meditation

    • D4.V7. Distractions Block our Energy Flow

    • D4.V8. What Are Your Distractions?

    • Distractions Quiz

    • Distractions Writing Exercise

    • D4.V9. Creating an Emotional Box for the Hypervent

    • D4.V10. How to Get to that Buried Anger!

    • How to Create a Box for Your Hypervent

    • D4.V11. Dialogue 4 Wrap-Up

    • Dialogue 4 Quiz

    • Dialogue 4 Checklist

  • 5

    Dialogue 5: Rewriting Your History

    • D5.V1. Introduction to Dialogue 5

    • D5.V2. What is a Hypervent, Anyway?

    • D5.V3. D5 Neuroscience

    • D5.V4. Resistance to Negative Emotions

    • D5.V5. Arrange Your Space: The 4 Stations

    • Hypervent Directions

    • Gratitude Meditation

    • D5.V6. The Shift Letter

    • The Shift Letter Exercise

    • D5.V7. Dialogue 5 Wrap-Up

    • Dialogue 5 Quiz

    • Dialogue 5 Checklist

  • 6

    Dialogue 6: Installing A New Belief System

    • D6.V1. Introduction to Dialogue 6

    • D6.V2. Neuroscience

    • D6.V3. Quantum Physics

    • D6.V4 How to Create a New Belief

    • Creating Your New Beliefs

    • D6.V5. Installation of New Beliefs

    • D6.V6. Installation Process: The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

    • EFT Handout

    • D6.V7. Carving New Neural Pathways

    • Installing a New Belief Meditation

    • 21-Day Installation Plan

    • D6.V8. Dialogue 6 Wrap-Up

    • Dialogue 6 Quiz

    • Dialogue 6 Checklist

  • 7

    Dialogue 7: Validating your Authentic Self’s Divinity

    • D7.V1. Introduction to Dialogue 7

    • D7.V2. Neuroscience

    • D7.V3 . Does Happiness Matter?

    • D7.V4. Positive Anchor as an Adult

    • Positive Anchor as an Adult Meditation

    • Positive Anchor Worksheet

    • D7.V5. Your Personal Values

    • Code of Values Quiz

    • D7.V6. Authentic Self Interview

    • Authentic Self Interview

    • Life Purpose Meditation

    • D7.V7. Your Post-Process Life Balance Assessment

    • Life Balance Assessment #2

    • D7.V8. Our Mission at The Divine Intelligence Institute

    • D7.V9. Final Words from Dr. Jayne Gardner

    • D7.V10. Ongoing Dialogue: Making it Stick!

    • Course Survey

Each Dialogue, or Lesson, contains video teachings and writing exercises that are designed to build sequentially. We're sure you'll love Dr. Jayne's approach to personal development and want to continue.

Dialogues are unlocked each week to give the teachings time to permeate your DNA and create lasting change. With that in mind, while the course is self-paced, the class takes a minimum of 7 weeks to complete. You'll get weekly email reminders to pick up where you left off! And we're always here to support you and help answer any questions you may have.

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