Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Divine Intelligence Process:

1. Do I get a certificate upon completion?
A: Yes! You will get a customized certificate of completion that will show the name you used to sign up for the course and the date you completed it. You will see a link to obtain your certificate when you complete the course and this link will also be in an email that's automatically sent once you finish.

2. What if I have a question about something?
A: We have two options for you to connect with Dr. Jayne and the Divine Intelligence Institute:

* You can post your question in the online forum and it will be visible to all students enrolled in the Divine Intelligence Process. 

* You can also email us at

3. I feel I need some one-on-one guidance with this process. Who can I contact?
A. At the Divine Intelligence Institute, we have a cadre of coaches that are specially trained in guiding people through the DI Process, and all have gone through the process themselves at least once. 

Please contact us at and let's set up some time to discuss a private, customized, one-on-one coaching engagement with a trained Divine Intelligence Institute coach!

4. I can't go on to the next lesson, it's grayed out.
A. Every lesson in each Dialogue is set as prerequisite to the following lesson. Based on many years of trial and error, Dr. Jayne has developed a specific order for the teachings and writing exercises that make the process profoundly effective. Make sure you have completed the lesson and see on your dashboard that it's marked with a green check/arrow - that should allow you to proceed to the following lesson. As a reminder, a new Dialogue is unlocked for you each week to allow the teachings and your own insights to permeate your DNA and consciousness.