The Divine Intelligence Process Participant Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

Dear Participant in The Divine Intelligence Process:

The purpose of this agreement is to protect the confidential nature of the information provided to you in the online course of the Divine Intelligence Process (The DI Process) you will experience with The Divine Intelligence Institute. During the course of The DI Process you will learn techniques and tools on how to connect with Divine Intelligence. In order to receive The Dialogues themselves provided by The Divine Intelligence Institute, you must agree to the terms of this agreement.

The Divine Intelligence Institute has invested substantial thought, energy, time, and money in creating the DI Process and wishes to protect this investment by insuring that the confidential nature of the DI Process is maintained and that its copyrights in and to the materials provided with the DI Process are enforced. Through your experience with The DI Institute, you will be exposed to the Process and will be given materials and information that is proprietary to The Divine Intelligence Institute.

The materials related to the DI Process provided by The Divine Intelligence Institute during the course of your experience may include handouts, recordings, journals, workbooks, and coaching instructions. We ask that you treat these materials as confidential. By enrolling in this online course, you are agreeing that you will not duplicate or reproduce the materials. You are also agreeing that you will only use the materials pursuant to the techniques of the DI Process. You are agreeing that you will not alter, modify or otherwise change the materials and will not prepare any derivative works based upon the materials or the DI Process.

You agree to not send out any of the “Dialogues” in any format, including electronic and digital, to someone who has not paid for the course and become a specific client of The Divine Intelligence Institute. You will not share materials with others if asked about The DI Process you are experiencing.

In addition, during the course of your experience with The DI Process, you have been exposed to certain confidential and proprietary information. This information includes, but is not limited to, the specific tools, techniques, exercises and other information contained in The DI Process. The Divine Intelligence Institute wishes to maintain the confidentiality and trade secret nature of this information. By enrolling in this course, it means that you agree to treat this information as confidential and will not disclose the information to or discuss the information with anyone other than fellow participants,while experiencing The DI Process.

Additionally, upon enrollment in any of our online courses, you agree to be added to the mailing list of the Divine Intelligence Institute. You can unsubscribe from the emails at any time. You can be assured that the Divine Intelligence Institute will never sell your name or email address.

You also agree that the terms of this agreement shall continue after your relationship with The Divine Intelligence Institute has ended.                                                                                

Jayne Gardner, PhD, President

The Divine Intelligence Institute